Mack Superliner Daycab 1980’s for FS 2019

Mack Superliner Daycab 1980’s for FS 2019
16:03, 24 June 2021
A chic retro Mack truck with scoring characteristics. Compared to other mods for FS 2019, there are many custom parts available.

Feel like an American trucker, playing a farm simulator? Easy! Here's a real mod of a powerful American Superliner Daycab 80's truck. Buying a car in the store for 119,000 euros, you will become the owner of a whopper with a capacity of 460 horsepower. The car literally casts chrome and glitters in the sun, like a gift box.

Features of the Mack Superliner Daycab 1980's Fashion:
  • The wear of the car is made. During operation, it also gets dirty.
  • A choice of colors and wheels is available.
  • You can also choose a different logo and wings.
  • In the new version, problems related to the transparency of the visor and the installation of the rear axle were fixed. The wheels no longer fly into the air on turns.
  • The cabin is full of openwork. Everything is animated, beautiful, informative.
  • Loud and bright dynamic exhaust.
  • It develops a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour.
In a word, the mod was a success. Those who want to take over the management of a huge Mack truck-we invite you to download it from our website.
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