MTZ-1025 for Farming Simulator 2019

MTZ-1025 for Farming Simulator 2019
11:09, 21 June 2021
Belarus-1025 destroys the stereotype that all MTZ tractors are rusty cans. Fans of FS 2019 are waiting for a radically new MTZ.

On such a tractor, it is not a shame to plow the field, and to drive around the village. It shines brilliantly in the sun, all the components are new, the MTZ-1025 tractor has never been in use. You will become its first owner and will be able to personally evaluate all the advantages of Belarusian technology.

What attracts Belarus-1025:
  • Made a beautiful animation of the dashboard and steering wheel, as well as the gimbal.
  • There is a dynamic exhaust, working mirrors and lighting equipment.
  • Doors and windows open instantly.
  • The fuel tank is designed for 120 liters.
  • The engine power in the Belarusian transport is 105 horses. Speed – 42 kilometers.
  • Native wheels, no errors found in the log.
  • Leaves noticeable traces. Dirty equipment is well cleaned.
  • The equipment will be yours for 9100 euros. As you can see, very affordable price.
We tried to transport a trailer with firewood with the help of this tractor and plow one field. We liked the work of the tractor – very convenient!
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