Map "Bagienice" for Farming Simulator 19

Map "Bagienice" for Farming Simulator 19
13:53, 25 June 2021
Thanks to the Bagience farm map, you will visit Poland and work in the local fields. Original textures of Polish landscapes with an emphasis on modernity.

No dilapidated houses and old, rusty equipment. You come to a small Polish village, where comfort and tranquility reigns. But there are very few workers and an intelligent farmer who will take care of the farm.

Features of the Bagience map:
  • After installation in FS 2019, you will have one game farm and 12 fields of various sizes at your disposal.
  • Supports triggering triggers.
  • There is a set of equipment at the start.
  • Beautiful paved roads without holes and potholes.
  • There is also a reservoir (a small river that runs through the entire village) and a railway. Very beautiful places!
  • Added 2 grain crops
  • There is also a gas station trigger.
  • There is enough space for the objects to be placed.
  • There is no traffic on the map yet – 100% ecology, quiet and calm.
This is a beta version of the Polish Bagience map, so any suggestions and comments are welcome!

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