Map "Baldeikino" (beta version) for Farming Simulator 2019

Map "Baldeikino" (beta version) for Farming Simulator 2019
14:30, 07 June 2021
New maps for FS 2019 are coming out at cosmic speed. And here is one of the most interesting territories – Baldeikino, Beta version.

The map of Baldeikino from the previous version of the game collected a lot of positive reviews. The gameplay on it is exciting and unpredictable. The village of Baldeikino is still waiting for a smart farmer (not a hack) who will develop agriculture. And it will not allow the village to finally die.

In the beta version of the Baldeikino map for Farming Simulator 2019, you will find the following functionality:
  • Just three large farms that can be developed to your liking: complete, improve, pump.
  • Implemented traffic – pedestrian and automobile.
  • At the start, you will have a good set of equipment.
  • Missions in the fields.
  • Transport missions are under development (should be available very soon). They don't work yet.
  • The log has been cleared of major errors.
Carefully testing the map, we noticed that there are really a lot of pedestrians and cars on it. The fields are huge, the terrain is green and picturesque. There are many birch trees growing. The roads are mostly unpaved, but transport drives well on them. There are many signs on the road, and there is a mill. A small road bridge crosses the river. The area of the Baldeikino map in FS 2019 is decent. To explore all the land, you will need a lot of time. We wish you cool achievements on the Baldeykino Beta map. Write in the comments what else you would like to see here!
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