BMW 535is for BeamNG Drive

BMW 535is for BeamNG Drive
10:23, 22 July 2021
The mod, made by the developer Adam, allows fans of the game BeamNG DRIVE to test their driving skills on a rear-wheel drive front-engine sedan with a 4x2 wheel formula, produced by the German carmaker BMW in the eighties of the last century. The car has a streamlined body shape, an increased level of comfort provided by adjustable sports-type seats, rear spoilers and a built-in on-board computer.
As for the mod, it has animation of the steering wheel and suspensions, working speed indicators, tachometer, sunroof, working front and rear lights along with turn signals, brake lights and emergency alarms, dashboard lighting moldings and emblems on the hood that can be removed.

The developer has carefully worked on creating a realistic, high-quality model of a car that is pleasant to drive, setting speed records for passing various distances and feeling like driving a real German car.
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